About Us

Hello and welcome to Thomas Jewellery. If you are here then you are probably interested in learning a little more about us, our brand and ethos. 


Who we are 

We are a husband and wife team; Ali and Leigh, who design and handmake fine jewellery. At the moment this is in our spare time. Ali is a full time mum and volunteers at a local special needs centre. I have a busy full time job commuting into London where I work for an energy company, as an economist. We have two teenagers and a large labradoodle. All in all a busy normal household.

We love the outdoors, hiking and running across the Kent Countryside. We are both originally from South Wales but settled in Kent for our Children’s education after a long stint in Qatar.  


How it all started

We have both always loved jewellery but the essence of what is now a small business grew from a taster day making a ring at local jewellers in Folkestone, Kent. Having stumbled across a YouTube video on making a silver ring Ali decided she’d like to do a class. We found one and booked it. Two months later Ali was too ill to attend so rather than waste it I decided to go. After two hours of instruction I produced a basic but quite lovely ring, but what I walked away with was an ignited passion!! That was 4 years ago and since then our spare time and thoughts have been filled with little else.

How its done 

Each of our pieces starts with an inspiration, drawn from nature or our experiences. The inspiration matures and ferments mentally for a few days leading to initial sketches, sketches leading to the hand crafting  and engineering  by Leigh, usually involving the purchase of yet more tools much to Ali’s chagrin! The eventual outcome of this careful all absorbing process is a  proto type piece of bold jewellery. Prototypes are then proudly tested and worn by Ali!! 



From the outset we have strived to make bold statement pieces, the kind that get double takes and questions from strangers! 

Underlying this is a quest for sustainability and ethicacy. As much as possible we make our pieces from Silver that is recycled from redundant X-ray’s from Hospitals. This means no mining and we help the NHS, doesn’t get better than that!! See the video below.

As for precious and semi-precious stones, they are all sourced from a reputable dealer in London. 

Again Silver